Strut (#100) 22" wheel 1"3/4 shaft 14 degrees pitch. As show

$ 1,625.00

At this price level, this strut comes complete, as shown, with related hardware and installed cutless bearing.

Strut (#100)   22" wheel 1"3/4 shaft  14 degrees pitch.
  Certified   Mag 70 Bronze  Sold with or without the skeg. With the skeg the strut should wight ruffle 35 lb.. Performance versus propeller is your call.
    The drop from bottom of the boat, strut aft end, is ruffle 11"3/16 to the shaft center. The flat bottom of the boat to the tip of the skeg is 22" Without the skeg from the bottom of the boat to the bottom of the strut is ruffly 12"3/4.

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Shipping the #100 strut, will be packaged in a custom package. Please call us at 503-771-3346 for more information.