About Us

 We have been in business for 42 years at the same location  8981 S.E. 76th Drive Phone 503-771-3346 Portland Oregon 97206 U.S.A., producing sand castings in bronze & aluminum for both production runs and loose work. We also offer product development.  We can cast from 1 to 600 lbs. and from 1 to 1,000 small parts, or more.


Cope & Drag - Green Sand
Our jolt, squeeze, and pin lift machines are capable of producing molds up to 19" x 40."

Squeezer Molding - Green Sand
Overhead sand delivery to two stations. Loose work and short runs are a specialty. 

Floor Molding - Capable of handling 2 ton molds - loose work and short runs. We will build custom size boxes for your job. 

Company Management:

We are a family owned business. Barr Castings Inc. is a job shop.

Custom order minimum invoice will apply  $200.00   A $6.00 minimum invoice will apply to our web store invoice, We are open to the general public.

Our flexible hours are Mon. through  Fri.  7:00 AM - 3:30PM - 5:30PM.  

Customer Policy

(1) We make no guarantee either expressed or implied.

(2) We provide this service using only Certified Materials.

(3) Customers must make their own alloy selection, see this link http://www.barrcasting.com

By default all aluminum castings will be made out of alloy 356 noT6.

By default all bronze castings will be made out of Herculoy Silicon Bronze UNS No. C87200, unless specified. 

(4)  Each customer has his or her idea of quality.  We want to know what is important to YOU. 

(5)  Please don't think of us as a common vendor, rather as an increasingly rare resource of dependable, long-time foundry journeymen! 

(6)  We don't quote firm prices without making a sample. 

(7)  We provide this service using only certified ingot. 

(8)  We don't guarantee aluminum for polishing. 

(9)  Customer owned patterns are not insured, you leave them with us at your own risk. Some of the patterns left in our, since 1969 storage area, are obsolete some have been abandoned due to customers that have passed away or simply moved on. If you have not contacted us in the last seven years and have an old pattern or patterns kept in our foundry, please call us to update your status. Our policy has always been to have the greatest respect for our customer patterns. Every effort is made to contact the, owner's of old patterns. Patterns left at Barr Casting Inc. beyond the statute of limitations without contact information will be disposed of or used as we see fit.                        

(10) Check your patterns. Patterns must be clean, properly drafted and free from grease, oil, parting, buildup, undercuts, bad sticky paint, or roughness. Your castings can not be any better than your patterns. We are not a pattern shop.  Requests such as “fill that hole”, “sand that bump” or “tape the threads” are the responsibility of the customer. 

We Appreciate Your Business, Thank You!

The manufacturer's only obligation shall be, at our option, to replace any portion that is defective or to refund the purchase price thereof.  The user shall determine the suitability of the product for his intended use, and assume all risks and liability in connection therewith. All of our castings are made from certified ingot, ask for your certifications.